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Reduce shipping costs to improve your profit margins

Shipping is one of the biggest expenses DTC and eCommerce retailers need to bear. With multinational corporations like Amazon offering 1-2 day free shipping virtually all over the globe, it has become increasingly difficult for the average business owner to stay neck and neck with such competition. It is practically impossible for growing eCommerce brands to ride the bandwagon of profitability by offering free shipping on pricing. Therefore, low shipping costs are a crucial tool in their arsenal to improve profit margins while meeting customer delivery expectations.

High shipping costs are one of the primary reasons for shopping cart abandonment. In this overly competitive post-pandemic eCommerce ecosystem, customer expectations have radically shifted. They want more visibility into shipping and delivery and want quick, safe, and free shipping options. Undeniably, it has now become more critical than ever for brands to offer fast, affordable, and reliable shipping options to their customers.

In our new 7 Tips for Reducing Shipping Costs for E-Commerce Businesses guide, we have gathered the most effective ways to help brands reduce their average shipping cost and improve their bottom line.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How has COVID shifted eCommerce consumer behavior
  • How long-term shipping contracts can help lower shipping rates
  • Tips to reduce shipping costs through insurance
  • How the size and weight of packages can affect shipping cost
  • Why auditing your shipping data is vital to optimizing shipping expenses

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