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About Giraffly

Top Free Shopify SEO master, where you can learn all about SEO & Boost Traffic, Detect and fix SEO issues in minutes.

Detailed description

100% off. FREE to USE! TRY IT!! Add the app to your store and run a completely free SEO checkup for your site. Our app is trusted by over 10,000 merchants. If you are serious about building an e-commerce business. Join us now to start your SEO Journey. Seoant (SEO Master) will guide you on the way to rank higher on search engines and get more stable free traffic.

Features Include

  • Detailed SEO Report
  • On-page SEO Scan
  • Google Search Console - Site Report
  • Bulk Edit Alt Text
  • Quick input label - Quick edit your Image Alt Text
  • Bulk Edit Meta Elements
  • SEO Meta Elements Automated Templating
  • Broken Link Management
  • Auto-Detect Broken Links
  • Structure Data
  • JSON-LD set up Automated detection of Duplicate Meta Element Problem Detailed SEO Check Report Advance SEO Checkup for your Shopify site, which gives you a clear SEO score. A guideline will be formed to show you which section of your site should be optimized. No more loss of direction on how to optimize your site.

On-page SEO Scan The On-page SEO feature helps Google to better understand what your pages are all about. Improving on-page SEO will ensure a higher ranking on Google and earn more organic traffic.

Bulk Edit Alt Text & Meta Elements Seoant (SEO Master) provides you the function of editing Alt Text, Title Tag, and Meta Description within one page. Additionally, you will able to bulk edit the Image Alt Text and Meta Elements within only a few clicks. With this feature, there is no more hassle for such tedious works.

SEO Meta Elements Automated Templating Simply set a preferred template for Image Alt Text, Title Tag, or Meta Description and synchronize it to the pages that you want to process with the optimization. Never have to waste your time edit Meta elements one by one.

Broken Link Management 404 not found pages will damage your site ranking and user experience. Track and fix your website's 404 error pages/broken links. Fixing 404 errors will make sure never to miss a high purchase intent customer ever again.

Structured Data & Rich Snippet Seoant (SEO Master) setup JSON-LD to make your search result more visible on Google. Setting up Rich Snippet will make your SERP stand out from the crowd, and it will increase your CTR and help your brand grow.

Latest Updates The latest updates will prevent any "Duplicated Meta Title" problems caused by other SEO applications.

Extra Infomation

  • Free to install, Free Plan Available.
  • Premium Plan Trial Available.
  • Downgrade to a Free Plan Anytime.
  • Our code will be deleted after uninstall, but your optimization will be kept.
Languages supported


Regions supported


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