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Scalable tracking solution for marketplaces and online retailers.

AfterShip streamlines the after-purchase experience for 17M+ Wish users worldwide. It is easy to integrate and provides a proactive API update.

We found Aftership to be the only scalable solution out there that could support our rapid expansion for Groupon Goods into over 30 countries. I highly recommend these guys

With AfterShip, we empower our sellers to offer a transparent and trackable shipping experience for buyers around the globe. We are grateful to have AfterShip as a partner!

AfterShip helps us be pro-active and not wait for customers messaging us, it's a must-have for any eCommerce business, no matter the size.

AfterShip allows us to manage shipping process more closely, and help weed out bad tracking numbers before they reach the consumer, resulting in a much better consumer experience.

Lamido works with various carriers in four different countries. AfterShip allows us to finally track all shipments with a common interface. Great solution!

AfterShip helps us to provide one click tracking feature to our sellers and buyers. AfterShip integrates with all the major carriers, saving our time on integration individually.

AfterShip allows Tictail's independent retailers from over 140 countries boost customer loyalty through a fantastic shipping experience. Recommended!

Being able to provide accurate shipment tracking to our customers has been a big help in achieving greater satisfaction and allowing us to better manage customer expectations.

AfterShip is addressing a major pain point for ecommerce sites and is providing a service that can enhance customer service manifold. Was a great experience working with them!

We use AfterShip to obtain unified tracking information from different carriers and countries to present in our marketplace. Andrew and team have been great to work with.

AfterShip provides a consolidated view of all our orders and importantly filter by status. This concentrates our CS, customer’s attention on which deliveries are facing problems.

The tracking updates from AfterShip are tightly-woven into our business process to provide intelligence based on shipment status and other key factors to help provide an unparalleled logistical experience.

AfterShip allows us to keep customers updated of shipment process - happier customers & fewer customer calls. AfterShip has become an important part of fulfillment process.

AfterShip enables us to provide top-notch delivery tracking service. We deal with many different couriers, and it’s important to find a reliable service. AfterShip is amazing!

AfterShip personalizes follow-ups after a package is delivered to ask for feedback or encourage repeat purchases.

This is such a great app! My customers know where their order is in the transit process. Would never stop using this app.

AfterShip helps us keep track of our shipments and making sure we are exceeding our customers expectations. The integration is simple, flexible and extensive.

We have happier, and more informed customers now, which means they will come back to get their coffee with us.

Works really well right out of the box. Fixes a problem we were really struggling with. Highly recommend!

Integration with AfterShip offers a great feature for MaiDianBao ERP Customers, they can track all their packages inside our system which result in great customer experience.

We love using Aftership and our Customers rave about our shipping process because of it. As a seller, we also get a chance to market to customers in a very effective and enjoyable way.

Fantastic app! Improves customer experience and gives us quick shipping analytics to help us understand and improve our shipping process.

AfterShip is a premium service for an affordable cost. Our 3000 kickstarter backers love being notified the delivery status and hugely reduce our time in answering emails.

One client has a critical shipment which cannot be delivered. AfterShip helped us automatically communicate to the customer their delivery had arrived at the pick up location.

AfterShip allows you to view all details about your shipment, including all the stops it's making along the way!

Our goal is to provide the best possible experience for our rad customers around the world. In all stages. AfterShip is a great audit tool and an important part of our daily operations.

AfterShip greatly increase my customer's loyalty as my customers can be kept informing the shiping status and able to track the shipment within our site.

Overseas shipping always makes a lot of problems and questions. But AfterShip has liberated me from the problem and questions of shipping.

AfterShip app does a great job with tracking shipments. The dashboard has the feature for choosing to get notified via email or SMS or both!

AfterShip is a really nifty tool in automating tracking packages. It reassures my customers that we care about their product arriving to their doorstep successfully!

Very useful especially for your customers to track their shipments without having to email to us over and over again!

AfterShip system is the best for individuals who are moving along with small and large businesses. Amazing and very helpful tool. Make me and customers happy.

This app is terrific. I would recommend it to all my Shopify friends.

Great product. Easy to install and seamlessly connected to our back end marketing system.

AfterShip fills a necessary gap in our serving our customers. We are able to see when packages go missing or remain in-transit far too long - and then reach out to our customers to give them better updates. AfterShip helps us track packages beyond what Shopify and the order fulfillment software does. Thank you AfterShip!

Love this app, it automatically emails my customers and informs them of delivery information, it saves me about 4 hours a week in processing tracking emails.

This app is most definitely one of my favorite apps in the Shopify app store. I've used AfterShip plenty of times in the past to track my own packages and it has always been exceptional, but the way Aftership integrates with your Shopify store is really something else. It makes accessing and tracking shipments much, much easier. Great app!

So far the most complete service I used with Shopify. I could integrate both websites with 2 different platforms and it worked, which didn't happen with other applications that seemed more sophisticated. I am still on the free account but I will have to upgrade soon! Thank you for the good work!

Great intuitive app AfterShip is. I've heard so much good reviews about this app I just had to install it. AfterShip was highly recommended. Thanks again

Only recently signed up with AfterShip for a brand new Shopify store. The app has been fantastic and is so simple to setup and operate. Great job AfterShip!

It was always a hassle getting on top of the tracking numbers and which car accessories order I had to check up on with my suppliers. AfterShip has made our life so much easier! I just need to use their app to be notified about all my parcels, in just one page. Would definitely recommend this to other eCommerce stores who use different suppliers and sell different products. You will not regret it!

AfterShip helps us provide greater customer service and transparency to our clientele. AfterShip makes our life easier for our customers and us by providing seamless tracking features. We are able to view and track all our shipments in the one place.

Such a great app. It's been a tremendous help in saving time and improving performance. Very nice work, AfterShip.

AfterShip is a great app, you won't have troubles with customers about tracking anymore!

Very good setup. AfterShip works good. It's always good to go back and see what's going on with a package without typing in the tracking number.

AfterShip gives us the option to use a store branded tracking service. It supports a lot of couriers, it is affordable and it is everything that you want it to be.

AfterShi is easy to install, they provide good customer service, and it brings professional appearance on my site.

The branded tracking looks very good—far better than the cluttered one provided by our courier. Integration was a breeze and it was exactly what needed for improving our brand's image and user experience. Most importantly, it's a scalable solution so we are looking forward to have AfterShip grow alongside with us!

What an amazing program. It has helped me to track all my orders and keep up with my customers. I can't imagine using anything else!

AfterShip is a great app, you won't have troubles with your customers about tracking anymore!

AfterShip is seriously a great app. It's great for giving you statistics and your customers an easy way to track their shipments

AfterShip is a great app ! It helps us improve our relationship with the customers, and help us grow our sales in the long run!

AfterShip is a great app. It was easy to set up and get going. AfterShip makes it easy to customize messages to my customers.

AfterShip is an amazing app. Send text updates to my customers worldwide as well as email updates. Customers are able to track their orders on my website and get updated along the entire transit of their package. 10/10!

Guys at Postmen have excellent support, they are quick to make changes that are needed to ensure that the options required are provided. They have never turned down a request. We rely on Postmen for our business. This is an amazing application that I highly recommend.

AfterShip may be the best tracking app on Shopify! It is easy to use and install, mobile-friendly design and AfterShip has a lot of other unique features. Definitely recommend!

AfterShip is a must-have Shopify app as a Shopify dropshipper! Wouldn't want to miss it!

First of all....AfterShpi is FREE!! How can you not love that?! Really, as a start up company and having ALOT to learn, Aftership has really taken the headache out of tracking my deliveries and automatically updating my customers every step of the way. It has enabled me to use my time more efficiently as I continue on my path of a young entrepeneur!!

Good app! Postmen was super easy to install and it's working well for USPS integration on our store.

Can't complain about AfterShip. It does all the hard work for me. You can customize everything. Everyone needs this app.

AfterShip has been a great app so far. No complains. Even though I am new and still learning to maximize the advantages of this app, it can cater to my every level of expertise and needs.

AfterShip is a great app! It is so user friendly and easy to use...AfterShip is a recommended app for everyone who has an eCommerce business!

AfterShip gives most of the features that a startup store is after. I have been using it for last few months and the free version seem to solve my purpose. I however am ready to move to the paid version which gives more feature like email and SMS in a pay-what-you-use model!

AfterShip is a very handy app for your store, I recommend it to everybody having problems with shipping in your store!

AfterShip is the best tracking app I found so far. Recommended!

AfterShip literally "delivers'" all that it promises. I would absolutely recommend AfterShip to anyone who is starting an online store.

AfterShip keeps our customers informed from order through to delivery. Love it!

AfterShip is an excellent app for Shopify newbie like me. It really saves me a lot of hassle. Thanks AfterShip!

AfterShip is an absolute life saver for the beginner e-commerce noob.

AfterShip is a great app to help my clients feel confortable during the purshase.

AfterShip is very convenient to use and easy to set up and it has nearly all the courier services around the world. I use this app for 2 of my shops.

After ship is amazing. Easy to use, and offers excellent touchpoint with consumers to keep them automatically updated on shipping progress. It has reduced our customer service inquiries drastically. I would recommend Aftership to anyone who is launching a new store.

This works really well for the start up web store trying to seem fancy with automated emails for the shipping details. It's only ten cents per order and you never have to pay anything else monthly. That's definitely worth it for the functionality! Easy to set up too.

Wonderful Experience using Aftership, easy to navigate, great support and perfectly designed for all of my needs. I would definitely recommend it for your business! Aftership is a must have!!

I love how we receive updated tracking information quickly from AfterShip! I would recommend them to everyone with their own online retail store!

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