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E-Commerce Trends in 2022

Cultivate green customer loyalty

In this highly competitive eCommerce ecosystem where brands are putting extra efforts bounds to optimize their customer acquisition and retention strategy, do you think merely focusing on the product and service quality, improvising post-purchase experience, or building a successful loyalty program can ensure customer loyalty?

It’s no secret that cultivating loyalty from existing customers is five times costlier than recruiting new customers, and this figure will continue to grow. The burden of market saturation, commoditization, and globalization has pushed businesses to go the extra mile to ensure strengthened and long-term customer loyalty by incorporating sustainable initiatives into their business plan.

In our new report, we have grouped together findings from our latest survey about shoppers’ preferences and attitudes towards brands and their sustainability initiatives and how going green can help companies win long-lasting relationships with customers.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Do shoppers support brands that are trying to reduce their environmental impact?
  • What are ways that brands/retailers can begin to reduce their impact on the environment?
  • What are opportunities for brands/retailers to improve their sustainability initiatives?
  • How AfterShip can help eCommerce brands go green?

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