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Top 500 United Kingdom Shopify Online stores 2022

RankStoreGlobal rankCountryTraffic/month
1OnlyFans StoreOnlyFans Store123United Kingdom-
2The vAn UKThe vAn UK332United Kingdom-
3Xbox Gear ShopXbox Gear Shop439United Kingdom-
4Xbox Gear ShopXbox Gear Shop439United Kingdom-
5Nature+ – Opening SoonNature+ – Opening Soon608United Kingdom-
6Blizzard Gear Store UKBlizzard Gear Store UK1,060United Kingdom-
7LLast.fm's online merchandise store1,299United Kingdom-
8Pearson UklearnsPearson Uklearns1,440United Kingdom-
9onlinecourses.pearson.comonlinecourses.pearson.com1,440United Kingdom-
10Pearson UK Virtual SchoolsPearson UK Virtual Schools1,440United Kingdom-
11onlinecoursesbsg.pearson.comonlinecoursesbsg.pearson.com1,440United Kingdom-
12TP-Link UKTP-Link UK2,642United Kingdom-
13UEFA Club Competitions Online StoreUEFA Club Competitions Online Store3,004United Kingdom-
14WWakelet Store3,471United Kingdom-
15Atelier BelizaAtelier Beliza3,605United Kingdom-
16World Chase Tag™ -World Chase Tag™ -3,605United Kingdom-
17The Shop at King's College, CambridgeThe Shop at King's College, Cambridge4,224United Kingdom-
18Girton College ShopGirton College Shop4,224United Kingdom-
19Ring UKRing UK4,243United Kingdom-
20The University of Edinburgh Gift ShopThe University of Edinburgh Gift Shop5,341United Kingdom-

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