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Struggling to convert visitors to your store into paying customers? Try our free store speed tester to find out how you can improve your site‘s performance.

Looking to improve your store's performance?

Automizely Marketing is a free 30-in-1 app for Shopify that replaces all those apps slowing down your store. From email and SMS marketing to popups, product recommendations, and more, Automizely Marketing helps you win new customers and drive sales for your store.

Looking to improve your store's performance?

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bfcm calendar

BFCM calendar

Whether you want to top last year’s sales or learn the basics, our BFCM calendar has you covered.

popup and email templates

Popup and email templates

Boost sales with ready-to-edit popups and emails that fit your brand style.

basic popup

Basic popup

Drive sales to your store with a classic popup you can set up in minutes.

free shipping bar

Free shipping bar

Motivate customers to buy more with a free shipping bar you can set up in minutes. Shopify stores only.

Create a world-class post-purchase experience

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Get real-time delivery updates with the free AfterShip app.

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