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AI Product Recommendations

Drive incremental revenue by cross-selling shoppers with product recommendations on their tracking pages and notifications. Select products yourself, or let our AI offer relevant choices.

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Strategize upselling by customer segment across touchpoints

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Select recommendation types that suit your business priorities

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Provide targeted recommendations with advanced AI engines

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Analyze performance metrics and to maximize revenue

ai product recommendations
amplify sales with hyper targeted recommendations

Amplify sales with hyper-targeted recommendations

Your GMV goes beyond the "buy" button. Customers expect interaction with your brand after payment, providing you with opportunities to upsell and generate additional revenue.

Greater customer engagement brings more revenue. AfterShip's tracking pages receive an average of 3.2 views per order, while shipment notification emails have a click-through rate as high as 65%. Your customers are fully engaged with AfterShip, bringing you the opportunity to upsell. You can create tracking pages tailored to specific customer segments and feature personalized AI product recommendations across touchpoints to significantly improve upsell conversion.

How AfterShip Tracking customers boost revenue and retention

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Up to 30%

boost in repeat sales through tracking pages and product recommendations

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CTR on product recommendations on AfterShip tracking pages

ai product recommendation how aftership returns customers boost revenue and retention

Increase repeat purchases via emails and tracking pages

Formulate your upsell strategy and monetize the post-purchase engagement.

 Differentiate the tracking experience for different customer segments. On the tracking pages, feature personalized product recommendations, showing only the most relevant items to the targeted customers.

 As soon as orders are placed, incorporate targeted product recommendations into notification emails to drive incremental sales.

increase repeat purchases via emails and tracking pages
improve results with built in ai and product curation

Improve results with built-in AI and product curation

Use our ready-to-use AI algorithms or customize recommendations to achieve optimal results. No additional integration is required to configure your recommendation widget. Inspire shoppers with suggestions such as best sellers, recently viewed products, and frequently purchased items. Alongside AI-powered algorithms, you have the flexibility to curate product recommendations manually. Hand-pick specific products, select items from specific collections, or feature products based on chosen filters and conditions.

Enhance conversion with integrated AI engines

Elevate your product recommendations with advanced AI-driven algorithms.

 Seamlessly integrate the smart upsell widget from AfterShip Personalization on your tracking pages, all within the same portal. Showcase hyper-personalized recommendations based on custom rules, content, theme settings, recommendation types, and A/B testing configurations for optimal results.

 Additionally, if you are using the Nosto engine, you can deploy our AI with your pre-configured recommendations.

enhance conversion with integrated ai engines
analyze performance and revenue attribution

Analyze performance and revenue attribution

Illuminate informed decision-making with detailed performance metrics and revenue insights. With AfterShip, you can closely monitor clicks, revenue by channel, product, and time period, and orders linked to your product recommendations. Use this data to identify gaps and refine your upselling strategies. Effortlessly make data-driven decisions with intuitive data points, graphs, and charts.

Retailers using AI product recommendations to boost sales

retailers using ai product recommendations to boost sales

"We saw over 50% increase in GMV for some stores thanks to AfterShip’s AI-powered product recommendations in email."

Faye Lang

Project Owner, Unitymob

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