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Branded Tracking Pages

Drive customers back to your site with branded tracking pages on your domain, presenting a personalized experience that increases satisfaction and repeat sales.

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Offer proactive, real-time shipment tracking

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Tailor tracking pages by customer segments

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Customize with marketing assets and design elements, including iFrame, proxy URLs, and white-label URLs

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Create special gift-tracking experiences for holidays and special occasions

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more engaged customers means more repeat sales v

More engaged customers means more repeat sales

After the customer has paid, they want more than just a thank-you email--they want to know when they will receive the order. Instead of dreading WISMO inquiries, smart retailers can convert this moment of customer anticipation and interest into a competitive advantage.

With AfterShip's shipment tracking pages, you can provide personalized real-time shipment tracking so customers feel informed and empowered. The branded and highly customizable pages also present a seamless opportunity to build greater brand affinity and drive repeat sales.

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Up to 30%

boost in repeat sales through tracking pages and product recommendations

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reduction in WISMO tickets

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Delight customers with
 real-time shipment tracking

Make shipment tracking a breeze with branded tracking pages. Your customers can find tracking info easily on their own--even for multiple split shipments--so there are fewer WISMO inquiries. Plus, a subscription button on the tracking page makes it convenient for them to receive real-time status updates 24/7.

delight customers with real time shipment tracking
tailor experiences by customer segments

Tailor experiences by customer segments

Create personalized tracking experiences for different customer segments to improve engagement, satisfaction, and sales. For example, you can create a VIP tracking page experience for your best customers with differentiated marketing assets and offers to increase loyalty and repeat purchases.

Customize tracking pages

With predefined templates and flexible incorporation of marketing assets and design elements--including iFrame and proxy URLs--you can create tracking pages that authentically represent your brand. You can even use white-label URLs to improve SEO performance so that your tracking pages appear at the top of search results.

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create special gift tracking experiences

Create special gift-tracking experiences

Offer thoughtful touches to delight your customers. For special gifting occasions, such as birthdays and Valentine's Day, etc., customers can generate special tracking links that hide item details to preserve the element of surprise.

Retailers using branded tracking pages to boost customer satisfaction

my deal

"The AfterShip-powered branded tracking page has been a tremendous help. Customers can now easily track their packages without having to hunt for separate tracking pages, which not only saves them time but also creates a better overall experience."

Kieran Boyce

General Manager - Operations, MyDeal

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