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Whether your customers will buy again from your store or recommend your brand to their family and friends depends significantly on how delightful their post-purchase experience was.

Post-purchase experience is increasingly becoming synonymous with brand identity, loyalty, and trust. Ecommerce merchants must utilize the post-purchase experience to build a strong brand image, increase revenue, and eliminate friction.

AfterShip’s Strategic Partnerships Lead, Joe Wyatt, interacted with D2CX and shared some best practices for building a seamless post-purchase strategy based on his 8+years of industry experience.

What You’ll Learn:

Watch the webinar to learn more about :

  • The importance of post-purchase in the shopping journey
  • The best practices to take your post-purchase journey to the next level
  • How to eliminate the points of friction along the post-purchase journey
  • The importance of brand building


Joe Wyatt

Joe Wyatt

Strategic Partnerships

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