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Choosing a real-time shipment visibility software is crucial to drive better delivery experience and shipping performance. This page compares two top-tier transportation visibility and analytics platforms—project44 and AfterShip—for eCommerce businesses to optimize supply chain logistics.


While there isn't much shipment visibility software in the market, AfterShip and project44 are considered two of the top-rated solutions. The former is specifically designed for eCommerce, while the latter serves mainly the freight industry.

Both platforms provide real-time shipment tracking, delivery date prediction, shipment analytics, and API integration. However, the dissimilarities become more evident as you dig deeper into the primary users these platforms are developed for, the ease of use and onboarding, the level of customization and flexibility, and developer support.

This page will help you understand the differences between AfterShip and project44, so you can choose the right shipment visibility platform for growing your business.

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What does AfterShip do?

AfterShip is an eCommerce experience platform that sparks loyalty and optimizes operational efficiency for global eCommerce brands and retailers. It provides dedicated post-purchase solutions built around all touch points after checkout. AfterShip's solutions include shipment visibility, real-time shipment tracking, returns, estimated delivery date (EDD), automated shipping solution, package protection, and carbon footprint accounting to ensure seamless post-purchase experiences. AfterShip integrates with 1,000+ carriers, including last-mile delivery carriers, 3PLs, freight forwarders, LTL carriers, local delivery services, and more. AfterShip is also the pioneer in developing multi-carrier tracking API, which supports native integration with your current tech stack. eCommerce businesses can purchase individual products from AfterShip according to their needs. It offers a public free trial and open developer documentation to ensure developers and retailers of different sizes can test without contacting our sales team.

An overview of AfterShip Tracking

Having been the company's flagship product since 2012, AfterShip Tracking is a shipment tracking software designed for eCommerce. AfterShip Tracking works seamlessly with eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Shopify Plus, Salesforce, Magento, and BigCommerce. It also integrates with other platforms like Klaviyo, Gorgias, Attentive, and Zendesk for an all-around experience throughout the customer journey. AfterShip Tracking offers real-time tracking, fully-customizable branded tracking pages, rule-based notifications, AI-powered estimated delivery dates, shipment visibility, delivery performance reports, and customer engagement reports. AfterShip Tracking supports users in setting different templates for the tracking pages for customized experiences.

What does project44 do?

project44 is a transportation visibility platform built mainly around shippers and logistics providers. This includes transportation capabilities like dispatch requests automation, tracking for air, land, and sea shipments, ETAs for last-mile deliveries, real-time delivery confirmation, and API capabilities to optimize supply chain efficiencies and deliver better customer experience. project44 does not allow users to purchase their products individually, meaning users have to bear the total cost even though many features may never be required or used. project44 does not offer a free public trial. There's no open API documentation found on its website. This means developers cannot just do testing without contacting project44's salespeople. This may lengthen the onboarding and deployment cycle and custom integration.

An overview of Convey by project44

Acquired by project44 in 2021, Convey by project44 helps retailers and 3PLs streamline logistics management. There's no information about its eCommerce platform integration found on the website, but they do integrate with 23 supply chain partners. Convey by project44 offers real-time visibility, branded tracking page, delivery notifications, EDDs, and analytics. However, it does not provide customer engagement reports. The website does not clearly indicate if Convey by project44 gives users various templates to customize tracking pages.

Pricing comparison

To better understand the difference in cost between AfterShip Tracking and Convey by project44, let's compare their pricing models and decide which one is ideal for your business.

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AfterShip Tracking’s pricing

AfterShip's pricing is transparent on the public website (source) and based on shipment volume. AfterShip Tracking offers affordable plans scaled to your business needs and free trials allow you to test without sales contact.

AfterShip Tracking's pricing already includes features for monitoring, notifications, and branded tracking page—you do not need to pay separately again for each feature. AfterShip also offers enterprise plans with an annual contract and public plans with a monthly or annual agreement.

Convey by project44’s pricing

Price information is not available on Convey by project44's websites—users must contact their sales team to learn more, requiring a few calls before updates can be obtained. Prices vary based on the proposal made for each prospect. Generally, Convey by project44's rates include annual SaaS fees with multi-year contracts with a no-cancellation clause for enterprise plans; however, no monthly options are available for public plans.

A quick company overview

You need a reliable partner to help you grow and scale. So take time to get to know the company that will hold hands with you in your post-purchase management journey. See how AfterShip and project44 compare on a company level.



Year founded

2012 (source)

2014 (source)

Number of customers

17,000+ paid customers (source)

1,000+ (source)

eCommerce platform integration

28 (source)

No total number found on website

Open API and documentation

Open API and developer documentation available (source)

No open API documentation found on website

Implementation time

1-2 weeks (source)

No implementation time found on website

Security and privacy

SOC 2 compliant, ISO 27001 certified, GDPR compliant (source)

SOC 2 compliant, ISO 27001 certified, GDPR compliant (source)

Switching from project44 to AfterShip

AfterShip provides a dedicated Solutions Architect to help ensure a seamless transition from project44 to AfterShip without data loss.

Step 1. Plan

Formulate a plan to build the post-purchase system you need. Think about your desired features and the integration with your current tool.

Step 2. Migrate

Move your data to AfterShip with the help of a Solutions Architect. You can include customer data, workflows, and reports.

Step 3. Test

Set up the system the way you want, then test, and preview the design before rolling it out. You can configure workflows, dashboards, and more.

Step 4. Scale

Once everything is running smoothly, you can duplicate your custom settings as needed to meet the demands of your growing business.

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How AfterShip Customers Are Breaking Through the Noise

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    “We use AfterShip data to target where are our customers are, what regions and lanes we are missing on, and to identify where’s our opportunity to improve our service month over month.”

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    “We’ve had a lot of customers reaching out to us saying, “Wow, what a great service!” rather than coming to us when that's a problem.”

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    "We knew there was a disconnect and AfterShip provided us with the data to formulate a strategy to approach the issue."

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    "AfterShip is the most advanced shipment tracking solution in the market. It only took 1-2 weeks for our engineers to implement."

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    "Our work with AfterShip is an important part of our mission to make cross-border shopping easy. "


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