AfterShip Shipping Common Scenario

This documentation outlines various common scenarios for using the Commerce API to import data, facilitating seamless integration with AfterShip Shipping.

You can create the shipping label for the orders imported via Commerce API.

Please use this page to set up the default ship-from location for AfterShip Shipping.

Please make use of the automation rules to allow the AfterShip Shipping system to automatically determine the value of the package, service, and package size. You can configure these automation rules here.

source_idThe unique identifier of the order. For most of the case it should be the same as the order ID of your system.CM1011
numberThe order nameCM1011
currencyThe currency of the orderUSD
statusThe status of the orderopen
order_totalThe total price of the order9.5
itemsItems of order-
items.*.source_idA unique identifier for the line item in your system9716591689898
items.*.product_variant_titleThe title of the product variantMobile Phone Case
items.*.quantityThe number of items that have been purchased1
items.*.fulfillable_quantityTotal items available to fulfill1
items.*.origin_country_regionThe origin country of this productHKG
items.*.unit_priceThe price of the item before discounts and taxes applied5
items.*.unit_weightThe item's weight-
items.*.unit_weight.unitThe weight unitlb
items.*.unit_weight.valueThe weight value10
shipping_addressShipping address object-
shipping_address.first_nameThe customer's first nameJohn
shipping_address.last_nameThe customer's last nameDoe
shipping_address.street_1The customer's mailing address28292 Daugherty Orchard
shipping_address.cityThe customer's city, town, or villageSacramento
shipping_address.stateThe customer's region name. Typically a province, a state, or a prefectureCA
shipping_address.country_regionThe customer's country or regionUSA
shipping_address.postal_codeThe customer's postal code, also known as zip, postcode, Eircode, etc94209
shipping_address.emailThe unique email address of the customer[email protected]

Here is a sample request for creating orders, along with the payload required to use AfterShip Shipping:


After successfully importing the orders, you can proceed to manage the imported orders and create labels in AfterShip Shipping admin dashboard here.

Please be aware that some carriers might demand additional fields to generate labels. If you encounter issues creating labels for imported orders, do not hesitate to contact us for support.