How the world's leading cosmetics brands handle post-purchase

E-Commerce Trends in 2022

The cosmetics industry is expected to grow to $118 billion by 2025. While it’s excellent news for cosmetics brands, who can expect to see their sales accelerate, it will become even more critical for them to strike the right balance between their pre- and post-purchase experience. Brands must continuously evolve with the changing customer expectations to keep their customer base growing and create advocates from the existing customers.

Building a memorable shopping experience for customers interested in your beauty products is crucial — but it’s just as critical to set the bar of your post-purchase expertise high. With the cosmetics market expected to grow exponentially and the tradition of eCommerce bracketing and wardrobing on the rise, isn’t it worth knowing how the most prominent players in the industry stay above the water?

Our latest report has outlined the best post-purchase tips and practices by the world’s industry-leading cosmetics brands for you to take note of.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How big cosmetics brands do delivery
  • How proactive communication is the key to customer trust and loyalty
  • How big cosmetics brands handle returns
  • How a clear return policy can build consumer confidence in your brand

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