Real-Time Shipment Visibility

Real-time shipment visibility gives both the merchant and customer up-to-date information on their shipment, including location and status, and is one of the many features available on AfterShip.

Updated in real time, shipment visibility allows the merchant to manage and optimize their shipping process. By being able to monitor the route and speed of a delivery, merchants can use this information to manage customer expectations better and choose the best carrier service for the destination. If certain shipments are regularly delayed, merchants can use this data to adjust their shipping methods; maybe choosing a different carrier service next time.

83% of shoppers expect regular updates on their orders. But that’s a lot of time and effort a merchant has to spend keeping their customers updated just on the whereabouts of a shipment. Using AfterShip’s tracking page and email/SMS notifications can put the customers’ minds at rest, resulting in a significant reduction in WISMO queries (Where is my order?). Customers not only get regular updates when the status changes, but with real-time shipment visibility, they can use the tracking page themselves to check the status of their order whenever they like.

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