Shipping Notifications

Shipping notifications, also known as delivery notifications or shipment notifications, are automated messages sent to customers throughout the order delivery lifecycle. Online retailers or third-party fulfillment and shipping companies send email and SMS notifications to customers to keep them informed about their online orders' status, location, and estimated delivery time.

In this highly competitive and continuously evolving eCommerce ecosystem where online retailers get and ship thousands of orders every month, some shipping accidents and delays tend to happen. As a rule of thumb, businesses must promptly communicate these shipping delays to customers to retain their loyalty and trust.

Proactive checkpoint-specific shipping notifications are a crucial post-purchase strategy,

  • To keep your customers engaged at every stage of the customer journey
  • To reduce expensive and time-consuming inbound WISMO calls
  • To increase returning traffic and repeat purchases by lowering customers' delivery anxiety
  • To bring complete visibility and transparency to the shipping process and help build customer trust
  • To improve customer satisfaction score and lifetime value
  • To minimize the rate of returns in the events of shipping delays and incidents
  • To build an outstanding brand reputation by showcasing the efficiency of the shipping process

The following notification statuses are important from the customers' perspective.

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