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Narvar VS AfterShip

Finding the perfect post-purchase software is essential for guaranteeing customer loyalty and retail success. This page compares two top-rated post-purchase customer experience platforms for enterprise retailers—Narvar and AfterShip—to help you choose the right platform.


While there are several post-purchase solutions for eCommerce retailers, AfterShip and Narvar are consistently rated the top post-purchase customer experience platforms. Both platforms provide a full suite of post-purchase solutions, from package tracking and returns to notifications and analytics. However, the dissimilarities become more evident as you dig deeper into ease of use, scalability, developer support, integration, and flexibility. This page will help you understand the differences between AfterShip and Narvar, so you can choose the right post-purchase platform for growing your business.

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What does AfterShip do?

AfterShip is a post-purchase customer experience platform that helps retailers improve customer loyalty through a full suite of software—shipment tracking, returns management, estimated delivery prediction, multi-carrier shipping, shipping protection, and carbon footprint accounting software. AfterShip has a team of 450 people, with 66% of employees being engineers and product managers—ensuring the software is easy to use, reliable, and gets new feature releases frequently. AfterShip is the pioneer in developing multi-carrier tracking API, empowering the top retailers and fortune 500 companies to provide an Amazon-like tracking experience. AfterShip offers a public free trial and open developer documentation to ensure developers and retailers of different sizes can test without contacting our sales team.

An overview of AfterShip Tracking

AfterShip Tracking is built within AfterShip's all-on-one post-purchase platform. It includes real-time tracking, shipment visibility dashboards, branded tracking pages, shipment notifications, and delivery performance reports to help retailers improve customer experience and optimize transportation networks.

What does Narvar do?

Narvar is a post-purchase customer experience platform with tracking, returns, and notification software that helps improve customer loyalty. Narvar is known for its large sales and marketing team. At the same time, only 26% of employees are engineers—which may hinder the custom integration, new feature development, and developer support for retailers looking for more flexibility. Narvar does not have a public free trial and open API, which means developers cannot just do testing without contacting their salespeople.

An overview of Narvar Track

Narvar Track offers a branded tracking experience. Its offers tracking pages that let retailers display tracking updates in the brand's look and feel together with other marketing assets.

Pricing comparison

To better understand the difference in cost between AfterShip and Narvar's tracking module, let's compare their pricing models and decide which one is ideal for you.


AfterShip Tracking’s pricing

AfterShip's pricing is transparent on the public website, and it is based on the number of shipments tracked. AfterShip Tracking has plans for businesses of different sizes and includes free plans to allow users to test without contacting our sales team. AfterShip Tracking's pricing already includes features for monitoring, notifications, and branded tracking page—you do not need to pay separately again for each feature. AfterShip offers enterprise plans with an annual contract and public plans with a monthly or annual agreement.

Narvar Track’s pricing

Narvar does not display any pricing information on their websites, and users must contact their sales team for inquiries, which would take time to receive updates, and a few calls must be scheduled before knowing the pricing. The pricing is based on order volume. Narvar Track's pricing does not include features of monitoring and notifications, you would need to purchase Narvar Monitor, and Narvar Notify separately. Narvar offers multi-year contracts for enterprise plans; however, it does not provide monthly options for its public plans.

Compare AfterShip and Narvar on

Reviews and ratings from verified customers can go a long way in helping you select the right post-purchase platform. Explore AfterShip and Narvar ratings from as of Mar 31, 2023 to help you make an informed decision.

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129 AfterShip Reviews


Oct 25, 2022

“Easy to setup and user friendly interface.”


“We are happy to be able to manage shipping and returns from the same dashboard and branded tracking and return pages enabled us to have a modern setup for our customers at affordable rates. Customer service is top notch.“

un like

“Overall, we have not found any issues with AfterShip. Only, if they would include their AI Predicted EDD to the essential bundle or enable customers to buy this add-on as extra instead of its availability only in the premium plan, that would have been a really great feature to have.“


Oct 28, 2022

“Centralized tracking across couriers”


“Clean easy to use platform, convenience of login with major player credentials, centralized tracking across couriers, the ability to share tracking links to clients.“

un like

“We have been using Aftership for at least five years. There is truly nothing that comes to mind. It does all we need to be done. Interface is easy, data is reliable.“

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11 Narvar Reviews

five star grey

Jun 22, 2022

"Narvar is very consistent and most times, I have no problems using it."


“I like how the information is sent to the customer and they can see exactly when their order is updated and moving, and we can also do this as well on our end and usually matches what the customer is seeing.“

un like

“Every now and then it will be down for a bit and I must manually send tracking information to the customer, but very rarely. If this could improve, that would make it perfect!“

two half star

Nov 03, 2022

“expensive and hard to use”


“The program itself is pretty great, it does a lot for returns and tracking.“

un like

“It took us nearly 6 months to fully onboard. Making adjustments to the program through our 2 years with them was so hard and support was HORRIBLE.“

A quick company overview

You need a reliable partner to help you grow and scale. So take time to get to know the company that will hold hands with you in your post-purchase management journey. See how AfterShip and Narvar compare on a company level.


यूपीएस / फेडेक्स

200 डॉलर के पैकेज के लिए

2012 (source)

2012 (source)

दावा कठिनाई

450 (source)

250+ (source)

में भुगतान करें

66% (source)

26% (source)

समर्थित वाहक

17,000+ paid customers (source)

1,200+ client brands (source)

समर्थित वाहक

Native integrations with 1,000+ carriers (source)

300+ carriers (source)

समर्थित वाहक

Open API and developer documentation available (source)

No open API documentation found on website

Switching from Narvar to AfterShip

AfterShip provides a dedicated Solutions Architect to help ensure a seamless transition from Narvar to AfterShip without data loss.

Step 1. Plan

Formulate a plan to build the post-purchase system you need. Think about your desired features and the integration with your current tool.

Step 2. Migrate

Move your data to AfterShip with the help of a Solutions Architect. You can include customer data, workflows, and reports.

Step 3. Test

Set up the system the way you want, then test, and preview the design before rolling it out. You can configure workflows, dashboards, and more.

Step 4. Scale

Once everything is running smoothly, you can duplicate your custom settings as needed to meet the demands of your growing business.

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    "आफ्टरशिप बाजार में सबसे उन्नत शिपमेंट ट्रैकिंग समाधान है। हमारे इंजीनियरों को इसे लागू करने में केवल 1-2 सप्ताह का समय लगा।"

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