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Easily optimize and sync your BigCommerce product listings with TikTok Shop.

      Seamless, hassle-free, and 1-click onboarding

      Seamless, hassle-free, and 1-click onboarding

      Quickly connect TikTok shop right from the app with ease. No coding or risks involved. Auto-sync up to 10,000 SKUs right from the app to you​...

      Only sync the products you want

      Only sync the products you want

      Map products available for sale on your store to TikTok shop’s categories.Choose mapped products individually that you would like to display​...

      Automatic updates

      Automatic updates

      Automatically sync all the newly added products and updates from your store such as price and inventory on TikTok Shop in a matter of minute​...

      Detailed description

      Use BigCommerce connector for Automizely Feed to help create, sync, and optimize your product listing on TikTok Shop. Simple and easy to use for all merchants!

      BigCommerce connector for Automizely Feed's top features

      • Seamless and error-free onboarding: Connect TikTok shop at ease right from the app. 1-click sync +10,000 SKUs to your TikTok Shop
      • Only sync the products you want: Choose products by category to pick only the products you want to list on TikTok Shop
      • Automatic Update: Automatically update your product fields such as SKU price, SKU inventory, and product status to your TikTok Shop.
      • Order Management: The app enables you to fulfill and manage your orders placed from TikTok Shop directly on your BigCommerce store dashboard. One place to overview all the orders with detailed fields.
      • Dedicated Customer Service:If you need help with anything, please reach our free and fast customer support team by email. We're happy to help you deal with any problem that you might run into.


      Create a world-class post-purchase experience