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Quickly respond to your customer requests related to refunds and exchanges from inside the Gorgias ticket window with AfterShip integration.

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    Centralize customer information

    Empower support agents to respond to WISMO queries quickly with customer’s shopping history sitting right next to the helpdesk.

    Perform third-party actions

    Get instant access to customers' RMA data to perform crucial actions (like issuing a refund) without needing to open another browser tab.

    Speed up ticket resolution

    Improve response time with manual or automated response via email with customer’s order information displayed in the customer sidebar.

    Detailed description

    How the extension works

    1. Install Gorgias app for AfterShip Returns Center.
    2. Generate a new AfterShip Returns Center API key in Organization settings > API keys > Create API keys > Copy.
    3. On the Gorgias admin > Settings > REST API > Create API key.
    4. Copy the Base API URL, Username, API key from Gorgias, and AfterShip Returns Center API key from Organization settings and paste it here > Connect.
    5. Support agents will view the latest and historical RMA data linked to the customer’s email address on the sidebar.


    Speed and convenience are the flagship benefits of eCommerce, and these benefits span different areas of an online business. According to McKinsey, 75% of consumers expect companies to offer support within five minutes of an inquiry. Traditional retail methods like emails can put you at a disadvantage, with the average response time being 12 hours and 10 minutes. With eCommerce helpdesks, you can do much better leveraging that speed advantage over conventional retail methods.

    Gorgias is a leading eCommerce helpdesk helping SMB and Enterprise businesses grow through exceptional customer service. Gorgias helps you put everything on the forefront where your customer success team can see them and respond to the support tickets in record time. You have the freedom to customize your helpdesk the way you want so your support team can access the most relevant and valuable information right inside the helpdesk.

    Gorgias integrates with AfterShip Returns Center, so you can

    1. Import customer and order information associated with a specific AfterShip Returns Center account and sync it into the corresponding Gorgias account.
    2. Display customers’ latest and historical RMA data from AfterShip Returns Center in the customer sidebar.
    3. Access the “Returns Management Portal” in AfterShip Returns Center via the deep link integrations.
    4. Issue a refund directly from the helpdesk after scanning all the relevant order information your agents need.
    5. Respond manually or send automated email replies quickly with all the returns data sitting next to the ticket.

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