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Magento 1 Integration with AfterShip

Use Magento 1 connector for AfterShip Tracking to track your orders and get delivery updates from [921 couriers] like UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL all in one place.

Magento 1 Integration with AfterShip

Use Magento 1 connector for AfterShip Tracking to track your orders and get delivery updates from [921 couriers] like UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL all in one place.
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Use cases

Tracking Page & Order Lookup

Add your logo, links, products, Instagram feed & more for an engaging experience that drives sales. User friendly, no coding required

branded tracking page

Boost Sales with Email & SMS

Select 7 different notification triggers. Work with a flexible drag-and-drop email editor. Drive engagement & sales with Klaviyo emails.

shipment notifications

Boost On-time Delivery Rate!

Easily track all order statuses in one place. Find shipments easily by delivery status, carrier, customer email and other parameters.

insightful analytics

How the extension works

  1. Sign up for AfterShip Tracking account.
  2. Go to Apps and add Magento Connector 1.
  3. Add a SOAP/XML-RPC web services user in your Magento admin page, using a role with all resources accessable.
  4. Input your Magento Store URL, Username, API key and Store ID then click connect.
  5. AfterShip Tracking will automatically import shipments created at Magento every 3 hours.


  • Enter www if your domain contains it and https if your are using secure access urls.
  • Check domain url is correct: [your store domain]/index.php/api/xmlrpc should return an xml response.
  • See other Magento common installation issues.


Magento 1 connector and integration for AfterShip Tracking seamlessly helps merchants to track and trace their orders across 921 couriers worldwide in one place. Shipments imported to your AfterShip Tracking account will be matched with the correct couriers and tracked automatically for free at AfterShip Tracking.

Each free account comes with a dashboard to monitor the current status of 50 shipments at a time. The tracking data from the couriers come in handy when immediate action is required in case of incidents or delays. Once your Magento 1 connector is integrated, you can send automated in transit and info received email notifications to the customers. To activate notifications for all the notification triggers AfterShip Tracking users will have to upgrade to a Paid Plan. To keep customers engaged further you can direct customers to a branded tracking page where they can keep track of the progress of their shipments by entering the order or tracking number. Monitor how well your marketing and engagement campaigns are performing with insightful analytics and reporting.

To have more elevated tracking experience to suit the growing needs of your eCommerce business, we have scalable Paid Plans to accommodate your needs. Send automated email notifications and SMS (additional charges) for all the shipment statuses - info received, in transit, out for delivery, available for pickup, delivered, exception, and failed attempt. Use Magento 1 connector to increase brand recognition and get more sales with branded notifications, a customized tracking page, and a custom domain link. You can edit the brand logo, font size, color, add marketing assets, Instagram feed, and product recommendations to name a few for your store. Identify your best-performing couriers and optimize delivery rate with insightful shipment analytics.

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