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Shopify Integration with AfterShip Feed

Quickly sync and sell your products on TikTok Shop with Shopify stores

Shopify Integration with AfterShip Feed

Quickly sync and sell your products on TikTok Shop with Shopify stores

Use cases

List on TikTok Shop effortlessly

Start selling on a new channel with minimal effort and time invested.

Protect your revenue

Avoid revenue loss and overselling with accurate data between channels.

Streamline order management

Fulfill orders and improve operational efficiency with advanced capabilities.

AfterShip Feed is an eCommerce solution that allows merchants to effortlessly sync product and order details from Shopify to TikTok Shop or your mobile store. Feed for TikTok Shop is designed to work with major eCommerce platforms and is certified to meet the industry’s most rigorous security and privacy standards.


Feed for TikTok Shop


Super-fast bulk listing creation

Enjoy effortless migration of bulk product listings. 1-click automatic inventory synchronization supports up to 10,000 SKUs in one go.


1-click automatic inventory synchronization

Feed for TikTok Shop works smarter, not harder. Make changes to your product details and pricing in your eCommerce store and see the updates reflected on TikTok Shop immediately.


Works well with major platforms

Start selling products from your Shopify store on TikTok Shop with a few clicks. We also support platforms like BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Magento 2.


Automatic order information extraction

Orders placed on your TikTok Shop can be fetched, managed, and fulfilled from your eCommerce store’s admin—like you’re used to.


Show only what you want to sell

Map individual products or a specific category on TikTok Shop. You can decide on products you want to list on your TikTok Shop.


Robust API and reliable support

Our API services ensure seamless integration while our dedicated support team has all the answers if you ever have questions.


Feed for Mobile App

1-Click Setup

No need to worry about app submissions, app approvals, or maintenance. One-click setup to an immersive Shopify shopping app to keep customers coming back to your website.


Share App Download Link/ QR Code

Drive additional sales and business revenue. Share your app link with your most valued customers or display your shopping app QR code on the website.


Send Push Notifications

Send engaging and beautiful push notifications in minutes with our in-built design template. Customize the notification message, special offers, and holiday promotions to drive customers down the sales funnel.


Instant Product Search

Give customers the best search experience. Allow them to find their favorite brands and products faster with a powerful search option on your mobile shopping app.


Wishlist Items

Saw something you like? Tap the heart button at the top right of the product page to wishlist products you like and view them anytime on the product wishlist page.

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