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Malomo vs AfterShip

Finding the perfect post-purchase software is essential for guaranteeing customer loyalty and retail success. This page compares AfterShip, a leading post-purchase platform for enterprise retailers, with a newcomer Malomo to find the best fit for your needs.


Wondering how Malomo stacks up against AfterShip in your search for the right post-purchase platform? Both solutions offer shipment tracking capabilities. AfterShip excels with enterprise retailers and offers comprehensive features, while Malomo caters to SMBs and focuses on shipment tracking.

Differences in how the products and features, analytics, APIs, carriers, and platform integrations were developed become apparent. This page will help you understand the differences between AfterShip and Malomo, helping you make the right decision.

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What does AfterShip do?

AfterShip is a post-purchase customer experience platform that helps retailers improve customer loyalty through a full suite of software—shipment tracking, returns management, estimated delivery prediction, multi-carrier shipping, shipping protection, and carbon footprint accounting. It has natively integrated with mainstream eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, Shopify Plus, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, NetSuite, Magento, and BigCommerce. And it also offers seamless integration with platforms like Klaviyo, Yotpo, Gorgias, and more. AfterShip's products are all built in-house to ensure a consistent user experience. For example, it provides an built-in shipping notification function, so merchants do not need to spend extra on other Email Service Providers (ESP).

 AfterShip partners with over 1000+ carriers. It is the pioneer to develop multi-carrier tracking API, empowering the top retailers and fortune 500 companies to provide Amazon-like tracking experience at scale.

An overview of AfterShip Tracking

AfterShip Tracking is built within AfterShip's all-on-one post-purchase platform. It includes real-time tracking, a shipment visibility dashboard, fully customizable branded tracking pages, rule-based shipment notifications, comprehensive delivery performance reports, and customer engagement reports. AfterShip Tracking delivers a consistent brand experience to brands with a custom domain and iFrame. Brands can also develop their tracking pages in-house by using API to sync the shipment status from AfterShip Tracking. With the headless architecture, brands can focus on making front-ends for omnichannel and delivering consistent experiences through headless tracking pages.

What does Malomo do?

Malomo specializes in order tracking for Shopify and Shopify Plus platforms and relies on third-party solutions such as Loop Returns for returns management.

 Malomo's features cater to growing brands but lack an built-in shipping notification function, requiring users to spend extra on third-party integrations like Klaviyo. Malomo only has 75 carrier integration as of Apr 13th, 2023, which can be challenging for global enterprise brands.

An overview of Malomo

Malomo offers an order-tracking solution to Shopify brands. It provides branded tracking, a shipment visibility dashboard, and a basic shipping performance report. Malomo itself doesn't offer shipment notifications unless integrated with Klaviyo. It does not provide customer engagement reports for brands to analyze branded tracking page performance or notification engagement. Brands can use Malomo to build Shopify tracking pages and headless tracking pages.

Pricing comparison

To better understand the difference in cost between AfterShip and Malomo's tracking software, let's compare their prices and decide which one is ideal for your business.

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AfterShip Tracking

AfterShip Tracking offers both public plans and Enterprise plans (source). Free plans and free trials are available with AfterShip Tracking, so businesses of all sizes can test without contacting our sales team.

AfterShip Tracking's Premium and above plans offer advanced features such as AI-powered EDD, carrier auto-correction, AI product recommendations, event-triggered notifications, enterprise single sign-on (SSO), custom integrations, and more. AfterShip's Account Executives and Solution Architects provide tailored solutions for enterprise needs, while a dedicated customer success manager and account health checks ensure ongoing support.


Malomo offers public plans and a custom pricing plan, but no free plan or trial is available. A complete comparison table of Malomo's plans is not provided, making it hard for businesses to estimate costs and choose the right features. Even in Malomo's highest-tier plan, advanced features like AI-powered EDD, carrier auto-correction, AI product recommendations, event-triggered notifications, and enterprise SSO are not listed on the website. There's no indication on the website whether Malomo provides dedicated onboarding managers, customer success managers, or implementation consultants for enterprise users either.

Compare AfterShip and Malomo on

Reviews and ratings from verified customers can go a long way in helping you select the right post-purchase platform. Explore AfterShip and Malomo ratings from as of Mar 31, 2023 to help you make an informed decision.

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129 AfterShip Reviews


JUl 14, 2022

“Perfect for Track and Trace.”


“I loved loved loved how easy it was set up Aftership with our Magento instance it took no time at all. Plus the feasibility of creating the notification emails without needing a developer or any HTML/code work for our customers so they are aware of everything that is happening with their package if it's shipped or delayed or possibly re-routed the customer is automatically notified and the fact that they can use those notifications to respond directly to our customer service team is amazing. It creates transparency as a brand and builds better customer relationships.“

un like

“There is nothing that I dislike about Aftership and I am very happy with it and I will recommend it to everyone that I interact with. If I had to make a change it would be that if we want to add a service such as returns I need to go to a different section of the site to figure out what the pricing would be. I think if that could be included in the dashboard it would be really helpful for a company like ours where we need to provide quick information to our finance team.“

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1 Malomo Review

four star gray

APR 07, 2022

“Unique Engagement and Increased Perceived Value.”


“A custom landing page with tracking information is a brilliant way to keep customers engaged and remind them that we are a brand that truly cares about the customer and their overall experience. Integration with Klaviyo and hopefully fully with Attentive soon is also fantastic.“

un like

“The dashboard is surprisingly empty, I don't see much of anything here beyond delivery reports though as I think about it I'm not sure what else I was looking for in particular. It would also be phenomenal to have some sort of template builder or something available to those with more time/experience to dedicate to customizing their landing page instead of having to submit through a CSM!“

A quick company overview

You need a reliable partner to help you grow and scale. So take time to get to know the company that will hold hands with you in your post-purchase management journey. See how AfterShip and Malomo compare on a company level.



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Switching from Malomo to AfterShip Tracking

AfterShip provides a dedicated Solutions Architect to help ensure a seamless transition from Malomo to AfterShip without data loss.

Step 1. Plan

Formulate a plan to build the post-purchase system you need. Think about your desired features and the integration with your current tool.

Step 2. Migrate

Move your data to AfterShip with the help of a Solutions Architect. You can include customer data, workflows, and reports.

Step 3. Test

Set up the system the way you want, then test, and preview the design before rolling it out. You can configure workflows, dashboards, and more.

Step 4. Scale

Once everything is running smoothly, you can duplicate your custom settings as needed to meet the demands of your growing business.

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How AfterShip Customers Are Breaking Through the Noise

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    „Folosim datele AfterShip pentru a viza unde sunt clienții noștri, ce regiuni și benzi ne lipsim și pentru a identifica unde este oportunitatea noastră de a ne îmbunătăți serviciul de la o lună la alta.”

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    „Am avut o mulțime de clienți care ne-au contactat spunând: „Uau, ce serviciu grozav!” mai degrabă decât să vină la noi când asta este o problemă.”

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    „Știam că a existat o deconectare și AfterShip ne-a oferit datele pentru a formula o strategie de abordare a problemei.”

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    „AfterShip este cea mai avansată soluție de urmărire a expedierilor de pe piață. A fost nevoie de doar 1-2 săptămâni pentru implementarea inginerilor noștri.”

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    „Lucrarea noastră cu AfterShip este o parte importantă a misiunii noastre de a face cumpărăturile transfrontaliere ușoare.”


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