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How DIME Beauty got a 60x ROI with AfterShip Personalization


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“Since using AfterShip’s AI-driven product recommendations on our website, we’ve seen upsell revenue increase dramatically. It’s the best decision we’ve made!”

Lauren H
eCommerce Experience Lead

About DIME Beauty

DIME Beauty is a beauty and skincare brand founded by a husband and wife duo in 2018. With the slogan “Loving Your Skin Again,” DIME Beauty’s mission is to create luxurious skincare, beauty, and wellness products that are clean, effective, and affordable to women of all ages.

Industry Number of employees Region
Beauty & Personal Care 11-50 United States

The Challenges

DIME Beauty faced the common beauty industry challenge of high customer acquisition costs, which caused a low return on ad spend (ROAS). While their efforts to entice new customers with compelling promotions and product discounts proved effective in attracting initial interest, they recognized the imperative of developing a novel strategy to improve their average order value (AOV) through personalized product recommendations.

In pursuit of optimizing their overall return on investment (ROI), DIME Beauty set a 2023 objective of increasing their AOV by a noteworthy 10%. Already in collaboration with AfterShip for real-time shipment tracking and efficient returns management, DIME Beauty turned to AfterShip to create hyper-personalized shopping experiences for their customers to meet their goals.

The Result

AfterShip Personalization is an AI-powered eCommerce experience platform that boosts AOV, improves upsell conversion, and accelerates business growth. With the ability to provide upsell opportunities throughout the entire shopping journey, DIME Beauty’s plan to create a hyper-personalized shopping experience culminated in outstanding results. They achieved a remarkable 45% boost in AOV, an additional 5% in revenue from upsells, and an impressive 60x Return on Investment (ROI). Here is how they did it.

The Strategy

DIME Beauty implemented AfterShip Personalization to enhance their customers' shopping experience on their website. They have seen incredible results within the cart, checkout, and post-purchase one-click upsell (OCU).

Cart Drawer
Using a targeted upsell strategy in the cart allowed DIME Beauty to offer personalized deals based on what shoppers are already interested in. To elevate the in-cart shopping experience, DIME Beauty incorporated the Frequently Bought Together AI algorithm into the cart popup that appears when a shopper clicks “add to bag”. If a shopper adds a toner to their cart, they’ll recommend a variety of serums and cleansers. This initiative led to a remarkable 4.5% upsell order conversion and a substantial 21% boost in AOV.

When shoppers progressed to the checkout, DIME Beauty continued with the in-cart approach but with a unique twist. Their checkout strategy recommended items that were frequently bought together once more, with the exclusion of some products using specific tags. For example, when a shopper purchases a cleanser, they recommend products usually bought with cleansers such as toners, face creams, and serums. This strategy resulted in an impressive 47% increase in AOV.


Post-purchase OCU
DIME Beauty's customer-centric approach extends beyond the first purchase. A great best practice is to implement a post-purchase OCU page. The post-purchase OCU page is displayed right after checkout and right before the thank you page. DIME Beauty used their post-purchase OCU page to recommend products using the Best Sellers AI algorithm and used personalized AI-generated content tailored to specific shopping scenarios.

They also employed conversion tools like the Countdown Timer and Free Shipping Bar. DIME Beauty harnessed the power of integrations such as AfterShip x Yotpo to display Customer Reviews, fostering shopper trust, and AfterShip x Recharge to offer Subscription Plans, thereby increasing the Lifetime Value (LTV) of the shopper. This comprehensive strategy yielded impressive results, with 4% upsell order conversion and a 51% increase in AOV.

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