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How a high-end men’s apparel brand achieved a better fitting post-purchase experience


Fabricating sartorial customer delivery experiences

Before turning to AfterShip Tracking, a leading high-end men’s apparel brand was having trouble identifying shipping issues before they arose. They didn’t have visibility into the shipping process and only found out about problems when customers complained.

They needed a robust solution that would improve the customer experience while still being a perfect fit for their tech stack. After implementing AfterShip Tracking, they saw customer satisfaction increase with an NPS boost of 50+ points.

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Problem area

Before AfterShip Tracking, their team had trouble identifying shipping problems before they arose. Essentially, there would be groups of shipments that either did not arrive or were late, and the customer experience team didn’t know about it until they received a WISMO inquiry or a complaint.

This was problematic for a few reasons:

  • It disrupted the customer experience because they had no visibility into their shipping process
  • Poor customer experience eroded the brand loyalty and trust
  • These situations required a lot of manual effort to track down the issues

Beyond the obvious, this pattern also resulted in a number of inefficiencies:

  • The customer success team was bogged down with reactive work instead of proactive work
  • There was no way to improve the shipping process because they didn’t have visibility into it
  • They had no way of identifying opportunities to improve the system because they didn't know where the problems originated.

That's when they turned to AfterShip Tracking.

Finding the perfect fit with AfterShip Tracking

Improving the post-purchase experience was a must. But their team also needed a way of doing it without overhauling their entire ecosystem. They wanted a solution that was as bespoke as possible.

AfterShip Tracking's webhooks and integrations helped them achieve this. With the ability to link to different tools like Klaviyo and Shopify Flow, it was easy to get data from one system to the other, without having to disrupt the tech stack. Having an easy setup was the primary reason their team turned to AfterShip Tracking, but they were able to take advantage of so much more.

“We blend the data sources including that from AfterShip Tracking, in our data warehouse. We have an operations team that monitors whether we kept our promise and we import the data into our BI tool.”

Chief Operating Officer

Using this data, they were able to drill down and see things like:

  • Which shipments are being delayed
  • How many times has a shipment been delayed
  • The root cause of delays

This data provided valuable insights that helped them improve their shipping process and ensured that they are meeting (and exceeding) customer expectations.

Premium materials deserve a premium customer experience

Since implementing AfterShip Tracking, this men’s apparel brand has seen a number of benefits, including

  • Increased visibility into their shipping process
  • The ability to be proactive instead of reactive
  • Reduced manual efforts
  • Improved customer experience

But the most significant indicator of success was the boost they saw in their NPS. While navigating issues related to BREXIT, the team struggled to get their parcels to customers on time. Lack of communication and visibility in the orders led to a massive NPS decline: from 70 to -5.

With AfterShip Tracking, they've seen NPS rebound significantly. Since they started to proactively notify customers about the status of their parcel, their NPS score has shot back up 50+ points.

“Now, with AfterShip Tracking, we can identify smaller patterns instead of the need to wait for customers to complain and then generate alerts. I think the most important part is that the customer knows that we're on top of this. And they're always really surprised that we noticed because they think it was such a small parcel in a really big commercial world.”

Chief Operating Officer

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