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How Lume Deodorant boosted customer loyalty by refreshing their return process


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It’s not a deodorant; it’s a pre-odorant

For too long, people have had their confidence eroded by issues related to body odor. Lume Deodorant was created to fix this problem by providing an all-natural, aluminum-free product that is safe for all parts of the body.

Customers fell in love with the concept, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t returns and exchanges. With an online shop, Lume customers often purchase products with scents un-smelled. This leads to return requests to find the perfect fit. But even with people falling in love with the brand, shoppers were getting frustrated with an extended, drawn-out returns experience.

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Manual returns stink

Before AfterShip Returns, the Lume team had a laborious returns process, from having no returns portal and manually creating shipping labels to having to rely on their fulfillment center for status updates.

Packages had to be shipped to a fulfillment center. Fulfillment centers had to open each box and enter customer information and individual SKUs into the 3PL system. Lume then had to pull that order list and cross-reference SKUs with the return requests, a situation with ample room for human error.

Here are some of the issues they experienced:

  • A lot of time was spent confirming return requests
  • Return shipping labels were not easily accessible to customers
  • No visibility into the shipping status of returned items
  • A lot of back-and-forth communication with customers
  • Lengthy waits for third parties to take action

All of these factors led to a lot of frustration for the Lume team. But, more importantly, it led to a terrible customer experience. They knew there had to be a better way.

Introducing a refreshing customer experience

When the Lume team decided to switch over to AfterShip Returns, they were able to automate their return process and provide a much better customer experience. At the time, they were looking for a solution that would incorporate a smoother RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) process with their fulfillment center, allowing them to streamline the return process. But they were able to find so much more in Return.

Now Lume can:

  • Provide customers with a branded returns portal—no more emailing back and forth to confirm returns are being processed.
  • Be proactive with customer updates, letting them know exactly what’s happening with their returns.
  • Re-engage customers with new product options since customers receive their money back sooner and have a better post-purchase experience.

With AfterShip Returns, Lume's return process smells like roses

Lume has seen a significant reduction in time their team spends on processing returns. The customer success team now gets about 6 hours back every week, used on building stronger relationships with customers and delivering an exceptional experience.

They've also gained valuable insights into which products are being returned and why, so they can make better decisions about their inventory. Since the Lume team has more time, they can focus on other important tasks, like product development and marketing.

They're providing a much better customer experience, leading to more repeat customers and more happy customers overall. Now, they are able to get money back to their customers 7 business days earlier. This quick turnaround allows customers to re-order the needed products or try new ones without delay. And most importantly, they are driving stronger brand loyalty by delivering a hassle-free returns experience. In fact, in some areas, they saw NPS scores shoot up 83 points since switching to AfterShip Returns!

“We focus on building relationships with our customers because Lume is a personal product. With AfterShip Returns, what used to take our team upwards of 8 hours a week to do, now only takes us 1 hour. I have a lot more time to listen to customers and make sure they're happy with their purchase.”

Sarah D, Customer Service and Retention Manager

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