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Hip-hop jewelry brand

“At our company, we're all about making our customers happy. That's why we use AfterShip Protection for shipping - it's top-notch and prevents us from losing revenue. Plus, it makes our operations team feel good too! And when our customers are happy, they stick around longer.”

Chief Executive Officer

About the brand

The hip-hop jewelry brand was founded over five years ago in the US, with a mission to provide quality-made hip-hop jewelry at an unbeatable price. Its product range includes various items, from link chains, bracelets, and watches, to custom jewelry. Currently, the brand primarily sells its products through its Shopify store, with a team of operations, customer service, and warehousing professionals. The brand plans to expand its operations and start selling with WooCommerce.

Industry Region
Jewelry United States

The challenges

Jewelry is an industry that typically has a high AOV, and due to the nature of the business, there is a high risk of theft during transit. The brand faced the daunting challenge of having its packages frequently lost or stolen. So the brand adopted a shipping solution but soon realized that it fell short of expectations:

Firstly, the claims process was handled by a third party, which meant that the brand lacked control over the experience. Although the solution offered the brand a self-service portal for customers to submit claims, the subsequent communications and resolutions still happened between the customers and the third party. This led to an inconsistent customer experience. The CEO of the jewelry brand stated, "We put our customers first, but we weren't actually in full control of the claims process. Being left in the dark, we were uncertain if our customers were satisfied."

Furthermore, slow response and processing times worsened the situation, leaving customers anxious and disappointed. In one instance, an influencer purchased over $600 worth of products, but unfortunately, all items went missing. The lengthy claims approval process took half a month, and lack of communication had soured the experience. "Eventually, we had no choice but to rush to reship the products before claims approval, preventing a potential brand crisis," the CEO recalled.

The outcome

After using AfterShip Tracking for some time, the hip-hop jewelry brand discovered AfterShip Protection in the same portal. Dissatisfied with their previous shipping solution, they decided to give Protection a try.

Powered by InsureShield®, AfterShip Protection operates on a "retailer-customer" model that facilitates proactive communications between brands and customers. Similar to other solutions, Protection offers a self-serve portal, but the difference is that brands can gain full control over their customer experience by cutting out third-parties. This allows retailers to move faster and get a better understanding of their customers.

With Protection, the hip-hop jewelry brand obtained great flexibility in resolving claims based on the item values. For example, by automatically resolving claims for lower item values, the brand could speed up the approval process, resulting in significantly improved customer satisfaction. The brand prevented fraud by manually resolving claims for higher item values after thorough checks.

Moreover, thanks to the close collaboration with InsureShield®, most claims can be approved quickly with AfterShip Protection. After switching to Protection, the hip-hop jewelry brand saw a quick jump in claims approval speed and resolved over 60% of claims on the same day. Quick approvals have greatly contributed to improving customer satisfaction. “World-class shipping protection like AfterShip Protection satisfies our customer-centric goals and gives us full control over the brand experience. It brings joy to both our brand and our customers, ultimately leading to reduced churn,” the CEO praised.

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